Track of the Day: Moses Gunn Collective, Foxygen & Pond – Shooting Stars

Today’s instalment to our Track of the Day series pays homage to a collective that could perhaps become a bit of a Psych supergroup in the future. ‘Shooting Stars’ features the bands Pond, Foxygen and Moses Gunn Collective, collaborating for the first time. 

The track itself is a perfect blend between all three groups, with no clear indication of whom took the lead on writing and production, however I think that could be one of the reasons why this track is a pretty incredible piece of work. It almost feels like all three bands have got bored of the spaces they have created for their unique sounds in the psych world and thus have got together and decided to do the same all over again. 

They have certainly succeeded, the track feels like the Psych world’s attempt at a dance record, with a melodic electric bassline, the occasional riser, and some nice plucked synth sounds, is this a sign of what these bands would have become if they spent their 2000’s listening to Deadmau5 and UKF? In any case I wouldn’t object to more of the same.   

You can check out ‘Shooting Stars’ in the Spotify link below. 



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