Track of the Day: Jimkata – Wanna Go

Following a two-year hiatus, Los Angeles-based trio Jimkata have returned with a bang, releasing new single ‘Wanna Go’. With six albums under their belt, the band have returned to their characteristic synth-led melodies that have garnered them a loyal following.

‘Wanna Go’ is a social commentary of a track, highlighting the negative impacts of social media, particularly in such a strange climate; the band said that the pandemic gave the song “an extra layer of meaning” for them as they developed an increased attachment to social media. With the world changing completely in a matter of months, the song’s message still remains.

Blending a range of different styles, Jimkata really have nailed their comeback track. With funky basslines and catchy riffs, ‘Wanna Go’ is the type of tune to get stuck in your head for days – not that that’s a bad thing, of course. We can only hope that the band are just getting started again, and that there’s more where this came from.

Check out ‘Wanna Go’ below.

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