Track of the Day: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Some of Us

Our latest Track of the Day is another smashing hit from the Kings of Psych (& Lizard Wizards). 

The band have been as busy as ever throughout 2020, with the release of Chunky Shrapnel, a live album documenting the bands hugely successful 2019 tour dates, with some incredible live takes. They didn’t stop there however, director John Angus Stewart also captured the tour in the form of a live action documentary released shortly via Vimeo a few months ago. 

John also captured a short documentary on the making of Infest the Rats Nest, Gizzard’s last studio album release in 2019. A source of some great insights into the bands songwriting process.  

Their latest release follows on from July’s release of ‘Honey’ (A previous TOTD), and a return to the Microtonal Banana era. ‘Some of Us’ starts with an unstable riff and string bends that would immediately make the average brain melt. Despite the lack of familiarity western culture has with microtonal music, Gizz immediately make you feel right at home with their ability to write strong catchy melodies.

The outro leaves you yearning for more, with a smooth transition that despite its complexity, flows as effortlessly as some of the Sketches of Brunswick East material. The promising thing is the song ends in a way that makes you feel it is going to transition into the next track. 

Listen to King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard’s ‘Some of Us’ via the Spotify link below.

You can also find their band camp here.


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