Track of the Day: J Lloyd – Feelin’ Good

J Lloyd is one half of the international superstar production duo Jungle. Lloyd is accompanied by Tom McFarland as the other half of Jungle, his childhood friend. The group shot to fame from the get go with their first singles ‘Platoon’ and ‘Heat’. Since the group have consistently moved up the streaming charts with two incredibly successful albums in ‘For Ever’ and its predecessor the self-titled ‘Jungle’.

Despite the studio group being just Lloyd and McFarland, during live performances the duo call upon a 7 piece band to bring their tracks to life, citing the desire of not wanting to sound like a laptop regurgitating the same sounds as their main reasoning. This experience translating studio sounds into live performances has definitely bode well for J Lloyd, who has recently released his first solo project, ‘Kosmos’. 

The 25 track project was all recorded within 72 hours and written in a continuous, unfiltered flow of recording, allowing the tempo and atmosphere of the track prior to impact the creation of the next piece. 

Our favourite track from this album is “Feelin’ Good”, but it is well worth experiencing the project in its entirety for maximum impact. 

You can listen to the album in full via the link below. 

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